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Optimus Poker merge with freerolls

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Optimus Poker merge with freerolls

Post by crispchris on Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:23 pm

Optimus Poker Link

The Social League has changed to award more and better prizes to all our Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

February brings new changes to the Social League. The New Social League will continue holding 2 tournaments a week. On Thursdays, the Freeroll – The Social League 2.0 will award $50 in cash and on Saturdays, The $1.1 Social League 2.0 Tournament will now have a $20-added prize. Both tourneys will also award points that will make you climb up positions in a ranking. And keep in mind that they will be held 2 hours later, that is, at 17:30 (server time).

Now, the monthly champion will have the chance to choose among different options:

A Sunday Big Ticket 100K entry, or
A Leakbuster License, or
A PokerTracker 4 License, or
A Coaching session, or
A $50 Bankroll Builder Bonus
The second position of the leaderboard may choose between a $33 coupon or a $25 Bankroll Builder Bonus and the third position may get an $11 entry coupon or a $10 Bankroll Builder Bonus.

How can you participate?

Become a fan of OptimusPoker on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and send us an email to with your player nickname and your Facebook or Twitter username. It is important that you have a full account with all your player details in order to participate. Only players that meet these requirements will be eligible to player The Social League 2.0.

How do you earn points?

Freeroll: Tournament $1
1º – 100 1º – 400
2º- 80 2º- 320
3º- 50 3º- 200
4º- 30 4º- 120
5º- 20 5º- 80
6º-10º -10 6º-10º – 40

Terms and Conditions
1. All players must adhere to standard rules and practices of poker games. Any cases of collusion, chip dumping or any other fraudulent practices will lead to the exclusion of the players from The Social League.

2. Only players that are fan of OptimusPoker in Facebook or that are followers of @OptimusPoker in Twitter and that send us an email to including their player nicknames and their Facebook and Twitter usernames will be eligible to play The Social League.

3. Players who do not have a full account with all their players details will not be eligible to play The Social League.

4. If any player stops being an OptimusPoker Facebook fan or stops following @OptimusPoker on Twitter, they will not be able to continue playing The Social League.

5. Players will not be able to withdraw the Bankroll Builder Bonuses until they have earned 20 VIP points per dollar.

6. All players must meet the Terms & Conditions of OptimusPoker, and OptimusPoker reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion.

7. A breach of these Terms will result in instant removal from the Social League. In case of any disputes regarding any these terms or conditions, the decision of OptimusPoker’s management is final.

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Re: Optimus Poker merge with freerolls

Post by pokerbandit22 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:57 pm

my id is pokertinkerbell on OptimusPoker’
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