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5th ln live game

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5th ln live game

Post by rockstardad on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:32 am

Played tonight in Marlboro again and placed in my signature position lol. Not complaining was card dead the whole game. But had a small run of luck after about two hours in after just scraping along with less than starting stack in chips thus far. Got to about 90k in chips at 1 point but Sat at the ft with 37k and it was 10 seated. The game plays only 9 seated tho. I was 8th in chips. Did well considering the only two guys I had more chips than were 1 guy with just a BB Razz and the other 3 k more than him. Blinds were 6&12k the next smallest stack above mine was like 100k or more. So happily I hit a hand early and then stole couple blinds but got caught trying to pre flop bluff an all in against two guys I thought would fold cause they were at the same table as me since the start and saw how tight I had been playing. Negative!! Two guys call my pre flop allin. Flop fall's. KQ6. First 1st dude to act bets ,other guy raises, then dude goes all in over him. Mean while I'm sayin, I'm fucked!! Other guy folds he flips k2 off I show Qs9s turn ,river ,no help. Busted 5th!! Still happy with the finish tho.
The link is the tourney results page.

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Re: 5th ln live game

Post by stwrty on Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:49 pm

Well done RSD.

"If ya like to gamble,then baby i`m your man, you win some lose some,its - all - the same to me"

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