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Let me Introduce myself

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Let me Introduce myself

Post by kingmidas1972 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:54 pm

Hey there everyone my name is Keith.I am a 40 year old Illinois native and an Electrition by trade.I moved to Florida in 2001 and lived in Palm Coast till November 2009, then I moved back to Illinois due to my parents not being great health..I've been playing poker for a while now , started out playing live back in 2003 , when I lived in Florida, at the Daytona dog track and at Best Bet in Jacksonville . Along with playing many home games with friends and co-workers on Friday and Saturday nights. I just knew the basic starting hands and what beats what and strictly went by gut and knew nothing about position and other aspects of the game of Texas holdem. Had some success and some downfalls , but , I got the bug and a love for the game bout the same time TV made it popular although I never really watched it on TV. Knew none of the Pro Poker Player names other then Doyle Brunson and Chris Furgeson. Anyways , after I moved back home I was getting the urge to play and the closest poker room is 100 miles away down in St.Louis area and me not having a Drivers Liscence makes it difficult for me to just up and go play some cards like I became a custom to , so sitting on the couch watching little poker after dark I saw a commercial for Full Tilt Poker. I wasn't real savvy on computers , but , I knew how to look up web sites (PORN...LOL) so I proceeded to download FT . I played for a couple months there and made my 1st on-line poker buddy Michelle there then in July 2010 she heard about Poker Stars and talked me into checking it out with her and we joined the PSO skill league together. We got to be good friends and met and made a lot of new friends together which I'm still in contact with to this day. After Black Friday lot of us US players migrated to the Merge network and basically found a new home playing at Iron Duke the majority of the time . I still play at PS in the evening for Effsea's Drunk Tank home game , we all sit around play poker and joke around with our Canadian(and other countries) buddies on a regular basis. I also met my soumate Brandy through the PSO , which we are inseparable now via Skype , I had the pleasure of spending this last summer with her at her place in Kansas.MAN this thing has gotten Anyways I'm an easy going person , my hobbies include bowling , disk golf , softball , hanging out with friends and family members , watching TV and all that good stuff..I'm a lifelong diehard Cubs fan , Nascar fan NHRA fan , my favorite Drivers are Martin Truex Jr.(nascar) Justin Algaire(nationwide series) and Tim Wilkerson (Funny car NHRA)

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Re: Let me Introduce myself

Post by pokerbandit22 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:09 pm

welcome to the forum kingmidas1972
hope you enjoy it here.
good luck
Allstar JR
Allstar JR

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Re: Let me Introduce myself

Post by pokermafia82 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:56 pm


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Re: Let me Introduce myself

Post by Sponsored content

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