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LOL pay attention !!!

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LOL pay attention !!!

Post by jock2007 on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:37 pm

Dealer: Welcome to the table $1500 Hot Slots Freeroll 2 Holdem NL Ante 620.00.
Dealer: Starting a new hand (#5364234602).
ptjock2007pt is the dealer.
Dealer: ROZETKA16 posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: autobahnraser200 posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: Aleks198701 posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: Sepelka posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: glenda1425 posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: VipEgora posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: ptjock2007pt posts ante 620.00.
Dealer: ROZETKA16 posts Small Blind 2,500.00.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 posts Big Blind 5,000.00.
Dealer: Dealing cards.
Dealer: autobahnraser200 folds.
Dealer: Aleks198701 folds.
Dealer: Sepelka folds.
Dealer: glenda1425 folds.
Dealer: VipEgora folds.
Dealer: ptjock2007pt calls 5,000.00.
Dealer: ROZETKA16 folds.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 checks.
Dealer: Dealing Flop c4,sK,s4.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 checks.
Dealer: ptjock2007pt checks.
Dealer: Dealing Turn h4.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 checks.
Dealer: ptjock2007pt checks.
Dealer: Dealing River d4.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 checks.
Dealer: ptjock2007pt bets 17,460.00.
Dealer: FreeMoney78 folds.
Dealer: Winner is ptjock2007pt 34,920.00.

lol this is why you should pay attention. can u spot freemoneys mistake here ?
allstar elite
allstar elite

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