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Libyan Rebels/gas prices

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Libyan Rebels/gas prices

Post by ovi1kanobi on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:24 pm

Curious to know how you guys feel on the subject, and if your on the side of the rebels/your feelings on rising gas prices. I don't know much about Libya, but from what I've read and heard they're leader is a real bad guy and major dictator. I hope this ends soon as it seems to be raising the gas prices up, and it's almost at $4.00 a gallon here. Not to mention the loss of life which always sucks about war. I don't know enough but from what I do, I'll say that it's always nice to see a dictator taken from power, and it probably needed to be done. So what do you guys think we could do to stop the rising gas prices? I'll bet if no one bought gas for 2 days we'd have the oil companies on they're knee's, as that's a lot of money.


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Re: Libyan Rebels/gas prices

Post by Steveocrisp on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:26 am

OPEC.. they control gas prices... They also want to take control of world tender, which at the moment its the us dollar. Should we lose control of that.. we as americans are totally fked!... we got just about a year before all hell breaks loose. just my opinion... we are well on ur way to losing control of world tender.
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