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OpenBet and William Hill agree new partnership

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OpenBet and William Hill agree new partnership

Post by jock2007 on Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:00 pm

William Hill Poker

Sportsbook and online gaming software specialist OpenBet has entered into a new three-year partnership with bookmaker William Hill.

The agreement, which builds on an existing long-term relationship between the two parties, will focus on collaboration and driving closer working practices in order to provide William Hill with greater technological flexibility to support its ongoing delivery of services to customers.

OpenBet and William Hill have worked together across various channels and a number of jurisdictions since 2008.

“Having built market-leading online and retail offerings, we are focused on developing the technologies that underpin our business to bring a differentiated and personalised experience to our customers,” William Hill chief executive officer James Henderson said.

“When assessing our partners, like OpenBet, we are looking for those with a flexible, collaborative approach that can help us realise this ambition.”

Jeremy Thompson-Hill, chief executive officer of OpenBet, added: “I am delighted that we have renewed our partnership with William Hill and that we have the opportunity to be integral to the company's future success.

“OpenBet is committed to an agile and dynamic collaboration, designed to leverage the expertise of both organisations and drive best-in-class development that will offer the William Hill player the optimum experience wherever, or whenever, they choose to play.”

William Hill Poker
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