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Nadal defeats Ronaldo in poker game

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Nadal defeats Ronaldo in poker game

Post by jock2007 on Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:49 am

Nadal defeats Ronaldo in poker game

Not content with firing down aces on the tennis court, Rafael Nadal has also been seeking aces on the poker table. At a London casino on Tuesday, Nadal, who is still recovering from an appendix surgery, took on former Brazilian international Ronaldo in a head-to-head match.

The two sporting stars first met over the poker table last December, at the European Poker Tour Charity Challenge in the Czech Republic.

Nadal came out on top in what was his first live poker tournament, beating Ronaldo and four other players.

That defeat clearly stuck in the mind of Ronaldo, who in September challenged Nadal to a head-to-head duel, which was duly accepted.

The former super star was to suffer the bitter taste of defeat once again though, with Nadal winning the re-match and picking up $50,000 US dollars for the "Rafa Nadal Foundation."

Despite his loss, Ronaldo had a great time and would like to play with compatriot Neymar.

Meanwhile Nadal is confident of getting back to form and fitness in time for the Australian Open in January.

"I'm going to work hard for it and I'm confident that if I am able to practise well during all this December I'm going to be ready to compete again in the Australian Open, no. The operation went well, no complications, that's the most important thing, and I'm going to be practising again in ten, 12 days," Nadal said.

"I wish to play against Neymar. I saw him on social media playing with his friends. I'm sure that he is a good poker player and I would love to play against him. It definitely would be something fun to do," Ronaldo said.
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