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weak players at the dogtrack by me/ possibly you too?

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weak players at the dogtrack by me/ possibly you too?

Post by ovi1kanobi on Tue May 10, 2011 11:42 am

First of all I just want to say I know I'm just on a bad run and it will change. I lost a $400 pot to q,6 off preflop with pocket kings. It's actually really depressing how bad my luck has been since I started playing live but we are a team here and I know I got you guys to lean on. So ya they were playing like real donks at the dogtrack. I get there and tables are $1/$2 $200 max buy in. I go in for $120 wait get some reads. I noticed this one guy chasing flushes and straights. Got into a hand with him called the bb for $2 had 9,10 diamonds. Pot got raised to $6 I called. $10 bet on flop I had open ended straight flush draw so I called and hit the flush. Ended up getting him all in doubled up to around $240. I really wanted to quit there but my brother didn't wanna leave so I sat at another table after about an hour. To make a long story short I played safe and waited for a good hand got pocket kings raised it got reraised then I shoved. And of course 3 fucking people call, the guy that beat me was about to fold but the idiot before me flipped over his cards so the guy saw his a,4 of diamonds. I had it all the way to the river. turn was a 6 river 6, and then the donkey flipped over q,6. Anyways there is a lot of weak play out there that we can be capitalizing on.


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Re: weak players at the dogtrack by me/ possibly you too?

Post by BC7Falcons7 on Tue May 10, 2011 9:33 pm

Damn man that sucks. At least you had your money in good. All I can say is just keep playing solid and you will win that the majority of the time. Nothin much you can do about a jive ass turkey gettin lucky...

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