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True Story

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True Story

Post by Steveocrisp on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:17 am

Ok... In a jungle some where in the Amazons... This monkey is in a tree... Hes is eating some hemp buds. Lizard down on the ground sees the weed. He yells up to the monkey.. Hey can ya spare some for a brutha?.. Monkey says sure and tosses a couple of buds down to the lizard. Well after a short time, the lizard got cotton mouth, let's the monkey know he is off for a drink.
While at the water hole the lizard meets up with a gator, who notices right away the lizard is stoned to the max... Gator askes if he can spare a bud.. monkey let's the gator know where he got it. So.. the Gator meanders to the tree, hollars up to the monkey for some buds... monkey looks down... get's this OMG!! look on his face .. says... DAMN!!! you drank a lotta water!!!
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