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iron duke B>S

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iron duke B>S

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:57 pm

6 days ago i logged into my iron duke account or i should say i tried to log in according to the program which has never been explained i had a wron password , well so i tried several times to reset in but said my email not recognized so digging through my files i found my account info from way bck what a year or to ago proving my account sent info to support,first 24 hours to look into the problem and NOTHING so i resent account info again,2nd time 48 hours as they are working on the issue well 5 days later nothing no response nothing plain and simple except to have my account locked and suspended why? who knows thank god i had only vip points and a few cents left after reporting this to their forum again no response, well thats it as far as i'm concerned piss poor service to myself so never again will i endorse or enter that room only i and god knows the idiots in their support division who can't solve a simple delema anyways i bitched i moaned and i'm done i ahve asked for removal of on tilt radio's forum as they sponsor the iron duke and have deleted my account from iron duke forum as to you all good luck and i was here way before duke so i have no ill will here you still my pals hopefully and my forum family bye and take care peeps.


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Re: iron duke B>S

Post by MzMiLLionz on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:03 pm

well that sucks that you are having such a hard time. have you tried deleting (uninstalling) the software and startign all over with a new account and new email? Duke really has alot of games to offer and I hope you can get it all worked out.

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