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Post by crispchris on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:05 pm

Every month, Crews on Pokerspace will show their skills at the poker tables Sundays @ 13:00 EST to earn as many points as possible for the Crew Battle ranking. The monthly league costs 3000 PS Points per crew to enter. At the end of the month, the top Crew(s) will split the share of the PS Point prizes depending on the number of registered Crews.

What is the Pokerspace Crew Cup Points Battle?

The Pokerspace Crew Cup is a series of weekly tournaments where crews of up to 6 Pokerspace members try to achieve the lowest combined scores (adding up the rank of the best 3 finishers) to earn points towards the monthly ranking. Each month includes 4 tournaments in total over 4 weekends and at the end of the month, the Crew with the most points in the ranking will split the PS Points prize pool. In case of a short month with only 4 weekends, we reserve the first weekend for registration for the rest of the month's battles.

When does it take place?

The Crew Cup Points Battle Leagues will be played throughout a month and contain 4 tournaments that take place on Sundays at 1pm EST. In shorter months, the number of games might be reduced to 3, since the first week of a month is reserved for the team registration and Buy-In.

What is the BuyIn?

Each Crew has to pay a total of 3000 PS Points for each monthly Crew Battle in order to complete the team buy in. It doesn't matter who is contributing how much, there is no golden rule that every member has to pay the same amount and it is ultimately up to the Crew itself.

What are the prizes?

At the end of the month, the winning Crew(s) members will split the PS Points prize pool equally and Pokerspace may add gear or tournament coupons on the hosting poker room, this is yet to be confirmed though.

After the development of Black Friday it doesn't make sense to plan a major promotion like the previous CrewCup 5 that runs for more than half a year, because most sites are more careful now with committing to long term promotions. Once the situation has settled down a bit and becomes more clear, this will obviously be reconsidered.

Depending on the number of participating Crews, the payout will be as follows:
■1-4 Crews: Top 1 paid
■5-9 Crews: Top 2 paid
(1st: 70%, 2nd: 30%)
■10-14 Crews: Top 3 paid
(1st: 50%, 2nd: 30%. 3rd: 20%)
■15-19 Crews: Top 4 paid
(1st: 45%, 2nd: 25%, 3rd: 18%, 4th: 12%)
■20 or more Crews: Top 5 paid
(1st: 40%, 2nd: 24%, 3rd: 16%, 4th: 12%, 5th: 8%)

You can also find the payout structure on the Crew Cup League page once the registration for each month is closed, the PS Points will be paid out manually once the monthly league has been finalized. 10% of the entry fee (=300 PS Points) will be withheld to cover expenses.

How does the scoring system work for Crew Cup Points?

In a Crew Cup event the rank of the top three finishers in each crew will be added up. The winning Crew will be the one that has the lowest total.

Example: Two crews competing in a Tournament:
■Top 3 Crew A finishers: 17th 25th 36th = 78
■Top 3 Crew B finishers: 1st 60th 117th = 178

Crew A will finish in 1st and Crew B will finish in 2nd.

Tiebreaker for a single Crew Cup event:

The crew with the highest individual finish will win the tie-breaker. Example: if 2 crews end up with the score of 50 where Crew A is 1st 24th 25th and Crew B is 3rd 17th 30th.. Crew A will finish ahead of Crew B. The same rule applies in 3-way ties.

Tiebreaker at the end of a Crew Cup Points Battle:

If two or more Crews end up with the same score at the end of monthly Crew Battle, the PS Points prize will be split equally.

What happens if less than 3 crew members end up playing in a Crew Battle?

Crews with less than 3 members playing in an event will be issued extra scores to simulate 3 participating members on the crew. If a crew only has 2 members playing in a crew competition tournament their crew will receive a 3rd score equal to a last place finish plus 1. If a crew only has 1 member playing in a crew competition tournament his/her crew will receive a 2nd score equal to a last place finish plus 1 and a 3rd score equal to a last place finish plus 2.

What happens if I can't play in a league tournament? Can I have a substitute take my place?

Unfortunately, your crew will only have 5 members playing if you can't make it. Every crew cup participant should play under their own account in each tournament. Account sharing is not condoned in any Pokerspace event, this includes, but is not limited to, Crew Cup tournaments. It is up to the poker room to investigate such cases and not Pokerspace. On most poker rooms account sharing may result in your account being closed with your funds possibly seized.

Can I leave my Crew voluntarily or can I be kicked off the Crew?

Yes both is possible, however if your Crew is currently in an active Crew Battle competition, you will have to wait until the end of the month to leave your Crew. Same applies for the poll that Crew captains and members with admin rights can create on their Crew homepage to kick off a member.

Submitting incorrect details:

If you play in a Crew Cup tournament and submit the wrong poker alias on PS for that particular event your placement will not count towards your crew score. ***We will not go back and change it for that event***

If you need your alias changed before a particular event please email [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (or click here) at least 24hrs prior to the start of the tournament.

Crew teamwork:

In any team competition it is in the best interest of the team that its members play together and crew competitions are no different. Although poker rooms have rules against this behavior in regular tournaments, teamwork is completely acceptable in any crew competition tournament. Crewmates are allowed to play against each other however they choose, which includes any type of "chip dumping". Here are a few things to consider with respect to "chip dumping":
■In tournaments with > 50-100 players the opportunity to dump chips doesn't happen very often
■At times it is impossible to distinguish between a "chip dump", a bad poker play, and a misclick. For this reason it is nearly impossible to police chip dumping even if we thought it was best for the game.
■Chip dumping or similar play can backfire! In fact, many crews employ and discuss strategies of how to counter it.

Sharing of hands:

Players CANNOT give hand information in open chat on the poker rooms. If a player is found doing it they will be penalized: either disqualified from the event or in severe cases they will be either banned or suspended from the Crew Cup and/or Pokerspace.

Cross-crew teamwork:

While teamwork within a crew is acceptable, teamwork among multiple crews is strictly prohibited. This includes: chip dumping, sharing hands and playing "soft" or differently against other crews to reduce the risk to the crew members of being eliminated from the tournament.

If there is proof that crews are exhibiting any of the above behavior or a crew competition participant has instructed other crews to do any of the above please forward all information (including hand histories, chat logs, screen shots, etc) to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (or click here). If the Pokerspace admins/moderators decide the proof is significant enough the penalty may be a deduction of Crew Cup points, disqualification from a single crew competition tournament, or disqualification from the entire Crew Cup. If this happens more than once Pokerspace reserves the right to disqualify, suspend or ban a crew from any or all future crew competitions.

If ineligible players place in a Crew Cup Tournament:

If a player that is not on a crew with at least 3 members (manages to get in a crew tournament) and finishes in the money, he/she will be disqualified. However, their position will not be removed from the final tournament standings with respect to the crew competition (ie. If a non-crew member finishes 1st and a qualifying players finishes 2nd, the qualifying player will STILL receive 2 points on their final crew score).

Password Leaks:
■For buy-in leagues: Only Crews that buy-in to the league with at least 3 members are given the passwords.
■For non-buyin leagues only crews with at least 3 members are provided the passwords.
■Any PS member caught sharing our Passwords with non-eligible members will be either banned or suspended from Pokerspace, the Crew Cup and potentially banned from that particular poker site.
■If non PS members enter a crew cup tournament they will not be eligible for any points/prizes and we reserve the right to have that user banned from that particular poker site, the Crew Cup and from Pokerspace.
■If the ineligible player exhibits any suspect activity like chip dumping to a crew or crew member please report it to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (or click here) and provide as much info about the hand(s) as possible, including hand histories. Pokerspace will then review each case and act accordingly.

Position on Poker Room "rules":

As long as we run separate tourneys for crew events, Crew competition rules ONLY pertain to official Pokerspace crew events. All other events are subject to the regular poker room rules and may result in suspension by the host poker room or Pokerspace. If you suspect players are demonstrating chip dumping and/or collusion in any games outside of the Crew Competition events, it is your duty to submit this information to the support team of the host Poker Room (and not Pokerspace) as they have a qualified Fraud & Security team to review these instances.

Comments or Suggestions:

Give us your feedback and we will take all constructive suggestions into consideration for future Crew Cup tournaments. Please [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (or click here).

Changes to the Crew Cup rules:

Pokerspace may, at any given time, edit or add additional rules. This will likely occur if a rule is unclear or an unforeseen issue arises and a new rule is required.

chips flow like water threw my fingers

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Post by crispchris on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:31 pm

the currant vibe seems to be that in a month or so things will be normal enough to go back to the crew cup which is the trip to lv . having said that the points you win can be used for live wsop buyins

chips flow like water threw my fingers

+/- : 28
Posts : 689
POINTS : 2951
Join date : 2011-03-20
Age : 43
Location : chicopee massachusetts

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