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New chatbox , features and howto use

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New chatbox , features and howto use

Post by jock2007 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:17 pm

As many of you have noticed i have done some work on the site and one of the biggest changes is the chatbox, with the old chatbox there was a massive issue with the time out and general lack of features, in the new chatbox this is no longer an issue,

Where to find the chat
you will notice on the bottom right of every page on our site you will see a chat button , click this and it will pop up. i have set this up in a way that it will auto log you in when you log into the site meaning you dont have to manually do this no more, to close the chat simply re-click the chat button


in the chatbox where you type if you type /cmd you will get a list of avalible commands you can use Smile

New PM from chat feature

this function allows us to pm any member who is in the chatbox directly without visiting there profile or even leaving the chatbox , there is two ways to use this function

1) left click on any name in the left side of the chat box and in the text box will appear /pm ( username you clicked ) your message,

example is /pm username hello i need help with the site

this will appear in your chatbox as ( @: jock2007 : Private message (jock2007 username): hello i need help with the site .

and username would now have a pm message on the site, cool eH?

Other tips n tricks in the chatbox

users can select the color of there own text in the chatbox , when you have the chatbox open simply click the colors tab on bottom and a list of colors will pop up, simply click the one you want and your done Smile all text you write in the chatbox will now be the color you selected

user options

user options button is used to change the basic setting of the chat , users can disable sound ( the sound the chat makes when some 1 makes a post ) by un-checking the sound tab, found in the same section is bold italic underline and strike

also if you scroll up the archive of the chat, after a set time this will auto slide down to the bottom, to fix this simply just click on the reading tab

bugs and fixes/reports

please post here if you have an issue with the chat,

there is a bug with the java script for the chatbox with IE ( all versions ) this is nouthing to do with our site or chatbox , its there outdated browser and java support. for any 1 having an issue i suggest downloading a real modern day browser such as firefox or google chrome , firefox would be my 1st choice

if you seen to not see the buttons in chatbox like the reading button, archive log out ect, you need to goto your browser zoom setting and zoom in or out untill they appear ( thanks to stranger for report )

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