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Adelson’s online gaming rebellion faces increased opposition

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Adelson’s online gaming rebellion faces increased opposition

Post by jock2007 on Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:49 pm

igaming wrote:
Adelson’s online gaming rebellion faces increased opposition

Sheldon Adelson’s campaign to ban all forms of online gambling in the US has suffered a further setback after it was reported that conservative opposition over the plans is increasing.
Adelson, who is also chairman of casino and resort company Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is a long-term critic of internet gaming in the country and has regularly stated that the form of gambling cannot be properly regulated in the US.

As part of a campaign to block all forms of online gaming in the country, Adelson has backed the Restore America’s Wire Act (RAWA), which, if introduced, would outlaw internet gambling across the country – including in those states that have legalised some form of online gaming.

However, following yesterday’s (Thursday) news that RAWA would not make it to the House Floor in the lame duck session, Adelson now faces further problems after various conservative figures spoke out against the campaign.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, joined 10 other conservative group leaders this week to send a letter to lawmakers urging them to reject the proposed ban.

According to the Washington Post newspaper, Norquist said US states do not need “the federal government babysitting them” and is hoping that lawmakers “preserve the authority of the states”.
Adelson is a heavy supporter of the Republicans having donated more than $100 million (€80.3 million) to the party, with half of the 22 Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee having co-sponsored the Adelson-backed legislation.

The casino mogul has also said in the past that he intends to spend millions in 2016 in an effort to elect a Republican president and help push his anti-online gaming legislation through.
Although declining to respond to criticism from conservative parties, a spokesperson for the Adelson-backed campaign said change in online gaming law “remains an important goal for our coalition and for families across America”.

Despite Adelson’s opposition against online gaming, other casino operators do not share his view, with both Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts having said that regulated internet gaming would be safer than unregulated games hosted by offshore companies.
In addition, the Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ) recently issued a statement in which it declared its opposition to RAWA.

“RAWA would prohibit the transmission by wire communication of any bet or wager or of information assisting in the placement of any bet or wager, including internet gaming,” the organisation said.
“It would effectively undermine New Jersey’s successful regulation of internet gambling that has been in place for a year now.

“CANJ is asking the NJ Congressional delegation to take all action to oppose the RAWA and preserve the State of New Jersey’s authorisation and strict regulation of internet gambling and the right of all states to determine whether or not they desire to allow or prohibit specific forms of gambling.”

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