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Post by ovi1kanobi on Wed May 11, 2011 1:48 pm

Well I just doubled up with pocket aces and it felt good. I had been getting raised heavily every time I got any kind of draw or descent hand. The hand before that I had pocket 4's, raised to $3; got re-raised to $9, then re-raised to $27 and he folded. This hand comes up and I do the same thing; I stalled for a little bit then raised $3; he re-raised; I re-raised; then he shoved and I called. He turned over a,8 off and I had him drawing dead on the turn. I feel like my luck is finally turning around for the better and plan on some good grinding. These people at 100nl are pretty good, but some smart decisions and good timing I feel they could be mastered to make some descent flow every week. Any thoughts from anyone else on 100nl?


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